Life As A Sandwich

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  • San Diego Book Awards Finalist, General Fiction

“Colorful characters, unexpected plot twists, and a narrative that is both sharp-witted and biting make this cautionary tale perfect summer reading.” — Larry Cox, Tucson

”Author Eric Peterson creates a character that mirrors our times and place: the angry man striving to be civil and true to his WASP upbringing even as he rebels against it while carving out his own place in the world, or at least digging himself out of the self-imposed wreckage of his past… Life as a Sandwich is an overstuffed Dagwood filled with enough plot material and twists to fill your plate. Read it soon.” — John Rippo, The Espresso

“This may be the best, funniest business novel of the year.” –Scott Kyle, author of The Power Curve

“Peterson’s hilarious portrayal of life in a struggling start-up has the extraordinary ring of truth throughout … I loved this page turner, you will too.” –Tim Templeton, author of The Referral of a Liftetime

“Filled with humor and an extensive list of lively, vibrant characters.” — Heather Petrek, The Escondido Magazine


The backdrop for Eric Peterson’s debut novel is the sprawling, colorful megalopolis of San Diego. It’s the verge of the millennium, and the California economy is booming.

Squeezed between raising children and looking after an elderly parent, struggling to make ends meet and to hold a contentious marriage together, Wallace Noe and his wife, Hannah, are card-carrying members of the Sandwich Generation. Inspired by desperation, Wallace stakes everything he owns on a start-up company, never imagining the sequence of events that will shatter his comfortable world.

Life as a Sandwich is a devastatingly funny look at one man’s quest for identity — and the unforgettable characters who threaten to turn a crusade for redemption into a staggering personal defeat.

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Galveston Train Day: book signing with Eric Peterson (click here for info)
Saturday, March 10, 2018
Galveston Railroad Museum
2603 Santa Fe Place
Galveston, TX  77550


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Eric Peterson is the author of Life as a Sandwich and The Dining Car. He studied at the University of California, San Diego and completed his degree at Stanford University, earning a BA in communication in 1979. He lives in Southern California with his wife, Teresa.